About Us

Mission Statement

Kiddosland is a one-stop child development center, providing quality child care, education and enrichment programs for families with children from ages 2 years 6 months to 12 years. We are committed to create a warm family environment to ensure that our professional team is 100% focused on building relationships with your child(ren), your family and our community. We are dedicated to:

  • Build positive relationships with our children to promote their healthy self-esteem and self-regulation skills;
  • Pay extra attention to the needs of our children and families, and accommodate responsively;
  • Provide our children developmental appropriate curriculum and innovative educational programs to develop their unique qualities and potentials.

Program’s Philosophy

Based on the Sociocultural Theory of Lev Vygotsky, we believe that children are active learners and their knowledge is socially constructed and cultural values as well as the custom dictate what is important to learn. We believe our children to be scaffolded to learn about new skills and concepts as well as to acquire the tools of their culture through a variety of learning activities and interactions in their social environment.

The goals of Kiddosland are to provide:

1. A safe and fun learning environment for children;
2. Positive experiences for children to refine and acquire all aspects of skills and competencies;
3. Opportunities for children to build on new knowledge and experiences based on the past accomplishments;
4. Valued play experiences for children in promoting their developmental domains;
5. Opportunities to collaborate with families through informal and formal communications regarding all areas of the child’s developments;
6. Various educational and enrichment programs to meet the needs of the children, families, and the communities.

Parents are encouraged to schedule a tour to take a look at our campus. To set an appointment, you may email us at admin@kiddosland.us or call us at 781-971-5178 anytime during school hours to schedule your preferred date and time.